Mini skirts and lengthy penetrating looks…

Why women and their dress code is always becoming sensitive issue in today’s world? You may be a celebrity or obscurity or a student, your character will be picturized based on your dressing style. Why the society is curious to issue directions only to women on what dress code they should be following while visiting a public function or a place of worship?

Recently, it was told by one of the famous movie director that, women need not act in a movie; they may only exhibit their glamour by wearing short skirts or similar dresses.

These are the questions of today’s women has. Right to clothing or to wear what a women want is absolutely a fundamental right (subject to reasonable restrictions), and any encroachment to such rights of a woman are in violation of the rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

Such encroachments are not happening for the first time in India. However, it will come to limelight only when a celebrity is involved in it. That is what exactly happened in the recent issues related to Ms. Hasin Mohammed (Indian Cricketer Mohammed Shami’s wife) and Ms. Tamannaah Bhatia (South Indian Film Actress – ‘Kathi Sandai’ and “Bahubali” heroine).

If wearing a sleeveless dress and posing for a photo was the issue which provoked so called Moral Police to raise their voice against Mohammed Shami, it was the director’s comment on the heroines of his film which attracted media attention.

Though the director apologized for his comment, these instances points the finger to the mind set of today’s society (at least some part of the society) who is considering women as only a source of exhibition.

The fact remains the same that, our society still wants to remain a male dominant one, and a section of the males finds it difficult to accept women as equals, and these people feels that, women are to be subjugated. Unfortunately, this mindset is developed right from the childhood.

It is imperative that, this mindset needs to change, and the initiative for this has to come from the so called MCP’s themselves…!!